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After emigrating from Cuba at 13, Andres moved to Jacksonville, Florida before college in Gainesville. He returned to Jax in 2000 with an M.F.A. from the University of Florida, married, and is the author of the audio chapbook, The Season of the Dead (EAT Poems). 

His poetry has been featured in Best New Poets Anthology, and has most recently appeared or is forthcoming in, among others, AGNI, Barrow Street, Colorado Review, Massachusetts Review, Mid-American Review, New American Writing, New England Review, Notre Dame Review, and Poetry Northwest.

You can enjoy his blog about poetry at Teoppoet Peotteot

More work can be read here: poet, Andres Rojas

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Andres will be a featured poet at JaxbyJax Literary Arts Festival, Oct 13th, 2018.

Andres’ Legs, at Bab’s Lab, CoRK Arts District
by James Hunter

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from The Sopranos

Too prudent to rely on a single soul,
ancient Egyptians reckoned at least seven –
lacking a better noun – ghosts: Name is the first

to leave the flesh, come death’s flames.
Name is dice and genes, the homes you lost,
the ones you didn’t get. What you could only do,

what you could but not do. Name is your story
you think you write with each breath.
Only at your death is Name satisfied.

The second ghost to flee your burning body
is Spirit: sunrise, river, windstorm in your veins.
Name orders, Spirit follows. Spirit is willing.

Third is Heart.
Beware. Heart
can be treacherous.

Fourth is Guardian. He, She, or It will not
save you, though that is Guardian’s object.
Your death is no failure on Guardian’s part.

Fifth is The Other. It is reckless, selfish, a child.
At best, it will be in its teens when you die.
The Other is your best guide in the Land of the Dead.

Shadow is sixth. It is memory. Your past
lives. What haunts you. Also, your refuge and keep.
Shadow shelters you in this life and the next.

Your last ghost is Remains. It is most
loving and faithful. Be sure it will not abandon you
until there’s nothing to your body but ash.

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